Lie of the Land (2005)

A video artwork presentation with two other Australian artists. The collective title "Lines of Sight" reflected the variety of view points framed within the video works shown. Keith Armstrong's video was concerned with issues regarding the colonization of Australia. For the period of one month the three video artworks were played continuously in a loop on the Lion TV monitor at Nishi Ogikubo Station seven days a week. The viewing point was from the top of the escalators on the Sobu Line platform.

1: Nishi Ogi Machi Media Festival, AlibArt Event, 29 April–14 May, 7am-10pm, Lion TV Site, Nishiogikubo Station Platform 1, JR Chuo Line, Tokyo, Japan. Curated by Mr. Sigemi Takamatsu & Youkobo Art Space.