Art-Eco-Science Field Collaborations

Art-eco-science practitioner Keith Armstrong is committed to a hybrid practice. He collaborates in the field with ecological scientists recording biodiversity, species loss and extinction and creates works that play
a role in redesigning social relations to natural systems. Currently working closely with aerial robots (aka drones or UAVs), Armstrong wants to understand how ‘we’ might better use drones, away from societal preoccupations with surveillance, privacy, AI and remote warfare, and our apparent drive to create bleak ‘new natures’. In this conversation, Armstrong and sustainability scholar Tania Leimbach explore the potential of arts- science collaborations to radically transform attitudes, perceptions and modes of participation.

FOR: Pubished in paper/online: Armstrong, K., & Leimbach, T. (2019). Art-eco-science. Field collaborations. Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture (Summer 2019), 48: 108-127.